Any refunds due by Eekaba to the Member for non-availability of Products or forselection of alternate Products shall be made in the following manners:

Credit card: The credit card account of the Member will be re-credited with the refund amount by Eekaba. The refund amount will be credited to theMember's account within the time span stipulated by the bank which has issued the credit card; or Cheque or wire transfer: The refund amount shall be deposited into the bank account of the Member by Eekaba within 7 business days after the receipt of request for refund by the Member; or Cash or demand draft: If the Member has made an over the counter purchase by paying via cash or demand draft, Eekaba shall pay the refund amount to the Member through a demand draft within 7 business days after the receipt of the payment by Eekaba.

Order and Cancellation


Any Member who wishes to purchase any Product on the Website can choose the Product from the available Products on the Website and add the same to the shoppingcart and make the payment online. All orders are considered complete only after the payment has been received by Eekaba.

To confirm the orders, Eekaba may at random, call up the Members who have placed orders through the Website and ask the Member a verification question. Eekaba will confirm the order only after the verification question is answered by the Member.

Once the purchase of Product(s) is confirmed by the Member, Eekaba:

  1. In the case of the Product being available, take the order and ship the same to the Member fordelivery
  2. In the case the Product is unavailable – inform the Member about unavailability and the approximate time during which the same can be manufactured and delivered. In case the Member wishes to cancel its order, Eekaba shall refund the money paid by the Member in the bank details through which payment was made, within 7-12 business  days of receiving such intimation from the Member. However, in case the Member wishes to continue with the order, Eekaba endeavor to ship the Products ordered within the timelines provided by it.

In the event the bank rejects to honour any payment transaction made by a Member towards an order, Eekaba shall have the right to refuse to ship the order to the Member without any liability whatsoever.

Cancellation of Order before Dispatch

User shall be entitled to cancel an order of any Product, booked on the Website, by placing a "Cancel Order" request, by logging a call between Monday-Friday 10am till 5pm or via email to"Cancel Order" can be placed anytime after booking of order but before status of order changes into “ dispatched " on the Website.