Shipping & Delivery

The Member has to specify the address and details of the person who will collect the shipment at the time of purchase. At the time of placing the order, theMember has to state full name of the recipient as stated in his / her government approved photo identification. At the point of delivery the recipient, to collect the physical product, will have to provide any one of the following government approved photo identification card

1. Ration Card (should be issued in the name of the Member / recipient in the case of a gift);

2. Drivers License;

3. Aadhaar card;

4. Permanent Account Number (PAN) card;

5. Voters Identification card; or

6. Passport.

Delivery shall be made by the courier agent only after the photo and name of the recipient is verified and confirmed by such courier agent. To ensure safe and secure delivery of the package the courier agent will also note down the details of the government photo identification. The recipient of the package must cooperate with the courier agent by providing required and valid copies of his / her government approved photo identification.

In case the Member wants any other person to receive the delivery on his behalf he / she needs to specify details of the same at the point of ordering only. All Products shall be delivered directly to the person as specified at the point of ordering and the Member cannot (under no circumstances whatsoever) change the recipient details after the order is processed.

After creating an order, the Member can change the shipping address only till thepoint when the Product is actually shipped. In the event the Member wishes to change the shipping address, he / she has to log-in to his / her account and click on the "change shipping address" button next to the shipping address and change the address. This "change shipping address" icon will be active only till the order status changes to "shipped". Once the order status changes "to shipped" the "change shipping address" link will become inactive.

All shipping charges and other local charges shall be borne by the Member. Recipient accepting delivery should not accept deliveries where the box or packaging has been tampered with or if the box is empty.

The recipients receiving the delivery must open the package and check its contents prior to accepting the delivery or signing the delivery receipt.

If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the courier companyshall try and deliver the Product thrice before returning the same to Eekaba. All costs for re-shipment and handling in the case of non-delivery to the Member shall be chargeable to the Member.

Delivery guarantee is subject to terms and conditions of the courier company. Any incositency in name or address will result in non delivery of the Product.

We aim to dispatch all orders within 2 working days with the exception of Indian public holidays where it may take up to 3 working days. Estimated delivery times are to be used as a guide only and commence from the date of dispatch.

We make our best efforts to deliver each item in your order within 7-10 working days of your placing the order, inclusive of processing time.


Recipient will have to provide a government approved photo identification card (like passport, drivers licence, election card etc.) to collect the physical Product.

As it is a mandatory courier regulation, the price of the gift will be mentioned in the external cover. In the event the Member wishes to have a copy of theinvoice, he / she can request Eekaba to ship an additional copy of the invoice to be shipped to the required address at the time of placing the order. Anyapplicable tax, including any gift tax shall be borne by the Member.